terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010


Thanks to Raychulwhasername @ http://raychulwhatsername.deviantart.com/

As I leave you, as I part from you,
The living gossamer thread inside is torn
Apart. One kaleidoscopic network of semi solidified words diluted in the wind,
Unsaid, unwritten, undone.

For they could never have been uttered from lips in sheer satisfaction,
Inside our whole universe of milky skins,clasped palms,yinyang bodies,
a touch is a word, a look a sentence, a kiss a verb.

Instead these words hung around me, almost ready to be used, making me a throne, bringing the sugar to the tip
of the tongue
that you savoured so fiercely,took in as its new fiery and soothing home.

Again am I faced
with the fact that wordless and
speechless I lie before your feet,
now outcast, now snowbound,
ready for the inevitable fall
into not this World of Ours,
but a world of hours.

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