quarta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2010

Magnet-de-natising Charisma

The comfort that is found upon beholding
mountain ranges and abysses of indifference,
processions of holier-than-thou, fear-thy-ground
furies unbridled but voiceless thoughtlessly
Pilling up dilligently upon prey me, pray you?
Conforming to an existence of checklists,
Will you? Did you? Could you? Have you?

Con mitted fully to the dictates and commanding con
Con queror will you be, crowned and renowned cries con
Con't you see how the fire in your vir-pyre rages con
Con Stern, a nation will rise, with your con fab inaction
And all shall con gratulate con firm what has always been,
Cum laude, a stream of words and burps and shrieks demanding
Change that is strangely akin to some bw picture
blended in with the ash.

Yet still, the scent lingers despicably in the clothes
in your hair, on your tongue, an urge to develop it
into something intelligible de moving desperately
Out of this centre and navel, you are debating on
words that still remain meaningless after so much
repeating and babbling and mumbling.

one multi-faceted free-styling snowflake of existence is what you are, ever graciously
falling down onto uniformity, the desecrating desintegrating

Make sure It is branded with your singularity of all your elements
One final debauchery before the Melt_