terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

Moon Gazing

One gaze sweeping through the snow filled fields, aiming at this
Majestic moon, there she stands queenly drawing the magnets
in me, up up and away. Starry silvery celebristie subjects all about
Abound with gleaming shiny pearl dust, gems simple fillings of
A shawl, a cape, a veil over her ivory skin, and I,

a barefoot, hole-in-pocket wandering bundle of mortal memories,
a wisp of smoke rising in this ethereal arctic air, already fading and aging,
fumbling through the rags for a word key to my tied tongue,
ecstasy. incensed thoughts burnt in a glimpse of your Eyes,

Blues jazzing what's become of my limbs and hips. Yes,
the closer I get, the further you are, playfully withdrawing,
Joyfully receding laughter in them in your lips and hands too,
throwing me off balance, in this one space, tearing our one into 2,

Until you come down on me as gravity as a blessed thirsty Fury
Showering my land with fiery sparks of red burgundy lava
you supernova, you revolutizia, you eva.

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