domingo, 18 de setembro de 2016

A Novel Tale As Old As Now

He loved hating loving to hate to love her,
A tomboy lady male gaiting gentle voiced
Lass, lassoing his man child well endowed
Underused sense of empathy mixed with
Miss Anthropy towards her dancing body
Electric, he a sappy gruff jockish andro
Genius left leaning pink eye commie fetish,
Planning to miss out on committing to
Support the empowering of the drive
To make America great again, feeling
The burn on his cheeks of his beetle bum,
A high flying kite looming low at half mast,
Wanting to drown his sorrows at last mirth
There she was, his Last Hearth, to quench
The fire in his belly freezing his hand, she
Just wanted to stay out of trouble to take
A chance on someone to see if it works out
To easily dismiss him as an unworkable pro
Jekt to build up so as to walk out on to the next
Tex Mex loving foodie smoothie groovy operator,
A playa who knows not how tha game is played
To able to win by losing, compromising to committing,
With his feet on the ground and his money in the clouds
Of crowd sourced funds to defund planned parenthoods,
Save the whales and protect the local seal clubbing comm
Unanimities, all or nothing for some every little helps, huh?
Hover but chill lean in but keep it aloof and sunny dead serious
They meet and friend and swipe right, blessed sheep in the
Kingdom to Come thy will be done in this crumbling empire
Where the sun never sets to rise all alone against barbarians
Miscreants multi faceted moos, limbs torn Kosher HAL-wow!
And all that comes with the ever receding territory. They are,
By having they exist, to do what they were clearly taught and
Uneducated to excel at, spreadsheets of codes, codes of colour,
Colours of standards to maintain and exceed, without excess,
Moderation is the measure with which the world is contained
Plentiful and bountiful, your snow globe adrift in the mud pool
Being drained tractor beamed to very centre of the universe,
Which shivers timidly atop the shoulders of aeons long forces.