quarta-feira, 9 de julho de 2008

High hopes and expectations for the upcoming months


I have been waiting eagerly for a decent staging of Hamlet and it seems that the time for it has come at last.

Moura had always looked to me like a younger version of Cassiano Gabus Mendes until I saw him act in the (bootlegged, of course) copy of Elite Squad. His massive presence and intensity makes a square-looking character as Capt. Nascimento a real person, who we can all identify ourselves with. There is nothing like the real thing, and when we put together a real play (Hamlet), actually the real play - there is nothing as edgy beyond its borders - and a real actor, someone who could play the most remarkable tree ever, then we have something to cherish and savour for the rest of our lives.

You may find Paulo Henrique Amorim's review on the play at http://www.paulohenriqueamorim.com.br/forum/Post.aspx?id=320.


You might have Batman I and II as your favourites, but I will have to disregard any attempt to picture Batman at his rawest, most essential prior to Batman Begins. Director Chris Nolan was really smart in thinking the name up - Batman REALLY begins at that film. No Michael Keaton, Clooney or Val Kilmer could actually live up to our expectations of what a haunted hero like Batman should be like. Nolan excels at bringing all the subtleties of his psyche ... the mind of a man who has given in to an obsession, and by repeatedly avenging their parents, rises to cleanse a world which is too hopelessly dark and lost and corrupted.
Sorry, Jack. But I can't wait to see how Heath Ledger has outperformed you, not much as a result of his talent, but actually as the late actor had such a better material to deal with. Ledger's Joker really sounds as a clear threat to Batman's power and his turf. We also have outstanding Michael Caine back as Alfred, and I tell you, that's the kind of butler I would like to have by my side, someone bright enough to show me other paths to be taken, but never blunt, always charmingly wise.
More to come in the following posts.

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paula botelho disse...

there´s no shadow of doubt that the real and well-done thing is the essence of acting. cap. nascimento is there to prove the theory. isn´t he remarkable? his words are widely spoken ("ask me to leave, no.2"..."you´re a fanfarrão, no.5, and this sort of thing) as if they had always been part of our speech.

paula botelho disse...

by the way, my favourite film line is not on the list to be voted. here it is... "I see dead people... all the time..."

Leon disse...

sorry. that will be included as we speak.


Ruan disse...
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Ruan disse...

So, have you seen it, Leo? =)

I guess it is no mistake if I say this is the real Batman film we've been waiting for. It is (so damn) worth seeing. Bale's acting give us the fragility and the pain we always wanted to see. At last Batman is a human-like hero that doubts his own potential and skills.

Oh, and what can I say about Eckhart's Two-Face? I guess Tommy Lee Jones would feel like killing himself after watching this. It was way beyond what I expected. I've never doubted Aaron Eckhart's talents, but... it's just wow. Outstanding performance.

Well, that's all, otherwise I'll spent days here talking about the film. Definitely, a must-see.
Hum, guess I overlooked Moura. Give him a chance too, guys. He's worth it. =)