segunda-feira, 30 de junho de 2008

Recent Poems - II

How to ...

You know, how can I er, you know what

I mean, there's these bits these

What's - their - name shards I'm

kind of like,

Putting it (them?) together -
Subject verbs objects. Objects subject
verb. Verb objects subjects,

the world eyes on I, as I
eye on the world, ever objectively
subjective, ever subjectively objective.

How to translate this torrent

of er, I'ded thirst?

This meaningful ellipse of wordlessness?

This silent boom where it all begins

and finds its end?

3 comentários:

paula botelho disse...

I´m simply taken aback by such inspiration. move on, boy!!
kisses, paula

Marlos. "Sô carioca, pô" disse...

Breathtaking wrinting, dude! As usual... haha
Keep walking

Alyne disse...

Hi Leo!!
Luved your blog!!
i didn't understand this poem, but adored the previous one...
Very nice your introduction about the blog and yourself...
Wait for my visits,i'll be here everytime i can...